Bay View Plaza

This project features approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of building and was constructed at a cost of $1.9 million dollars. This building contains three upper floor exterior decks and a central, diamond shaped, two-story height lobby with a stairway leading to the second floor walkway that follows the shape of the lobby. As a focal point of the lobby, the owner provided a stainless steel statue to take advantage of the scale of the lobby and the natural light provided by the skylight. In addition, the main floor features two open-air courtyards at the ends of the building. The owner allowed us a great opportunity to dress the building with high-end finishes and ornamentation. The extraordinary flagstone veneer on the exterior columns, the wall colors, window colors, copper roofing, and lighting fixtures were selected to blend together, providing a harmony of natural desert tones. The location, view of the lake, and quality of building provides a valuable leasing tool for the owner.