Sunrise Elementary School

The school addition consists of 15,758 sq. ft. of classroom buildings and support systems, as well as related site work. Master planned as the second phase, the integration of the new construction with the existing buildings is the owner’s top priority. Integral color concrete block, standing seam metal roofing and soffits, exterior building elevations, and tack board classroom wall panels all blend with the existing facility. The end result is an overall facility that has the appearance of one unified construction project.

Specific attention is paid to sound isolation and innovation in technology, as well as accessibility, and user-friendliness in the each classroom. All exterior mechanical units are hidden from view by screen walls of the same material as the main buildings. Interior fan coil units are isolated in a mechanical room to eliminate noise inside the classroom as well as to focus all maintenance activity to one easily accessible location. Each classroom is “wired” for internet access and multi-station networking, and closed-circuit television is provided for local broadcast as well as for a standard cable television connection. Modifications to the original project allow areas for the students to store backpacks and jackets. Bookshelves and wardrobe closets allow for better storage capacity in each classroom. Handicap access is now provided to all levels of the property—including parking for the upper level softball field and sidewalks to the lower softball field and new basketball court.